Void Scrolls I

by Allen Thomas

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Radio.Wavs presents: "Void Scrolls I" a tape loosely based around a podcast broadcasted from The Void, a fictional place in the world of Little Earth. Hosted by Selector Forecast, he plays the tracks from the piece, a small collection of journal entries written and recorded during the journey through The Void.

"Void Scrolls I" is a mixtape, or a collection of songs written and recorded during the growth process when leaving behind the familiar for something more.



released October 16, 2016

Executive Produced and Mixed by Allen Thomas and D-Real [愛]
Production from Infamous Reptar, Sabir, and Juug Knight
presented by Radio.Wavs

Allen Thomas:



all rights reserved


The Family Orchestra Atlanta, Georgia

Allen Thomas + The Family Orchestra. Ratchedelic soul music based out of Decatur, GA.

SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/allenedwardthomas

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Track Name: Starter Raps
Houston we have a problem, and uh this ones a doozy
been fighting wars with myself, like the Hutu and the Tutsi (yuh)
lately my bars been less cool, and way more bluesy
and like I been tryna give out the fades, like lil Boosie (yuh)
Me vs. The World. get popped with a Lil uzi
for acting big and notorious. niggas isn't juicy
but i'm bishop in the movie, chillin listening to Kool G
with a bad thing on my arm and my lap, just like Gucci
jottin thoughts up in my phone, i usually use loose leaf
or composition.
racing these temptations aint no competition
boiling water in my shoes, aint have a pot to piss in
it takes a bit to assume, but takes a lot to listen
black folk couldn't eat in the house, until we got the kitchen
hustling for more is a dance, thats why we got to whippin
now on my side, I'm seein red like we lobster fishing
hella smoke and mirrors. they askin for a rastas vision?
but allegiance to Jah is something I'll never claim
Chicago born on the come up. I'm tryna bare the pain
all of my silence clashing with my everlasting passion
anyone bugging fashion can suck it out of my Vera Wang
I get many props. figure that I'm very plain
maybe its cause I compare to those who made a difference
and they all seem just like me
with problems and not perfect but determined to take it the distance
so now I'm movin like a chevy four door
try to catch my feet like a photo of eddy gordo
but they could never be the man and thats even on hormones
block my shine i'll fuck a nigga up. pause and no homo
speaking of, shout out my fam thats transitioning
tell me all of your pronouns, know that your man listening
was organized confusion. now its just planned dissonance
found out we were made of the light, and now we glistening
Track Name: Retrograde Jam
as i maneuver through the clouds of the smoke
divine reflecting on the times, caught in downs of the dope
this is my retrograde jam

neither friends nor enemies but strangers that share memories
the past stings, pulling strings like symphonies
all grown up and no more innocent tendencies
love is finishing, we move on quicker than centipeds
but still it seems that only evil remains
so we got it contained in the middle like a centerpiece
try to cook then life pops us with the chicken grease
the seasons changing man, you can feel it in the trees

as i maneuver through the sounds of the wild, i hear my people like
i hit the gas, turn it down on the dial the inner voices want it

i see the stuff, from decatur to the bluff. shit
life as a shorty shouldnt be so rough

i heard my baby girl opened a door to her pain
i told her "missy, come inside. get up out of the rain"
but all she knew was the shame
through the fire and flame
was burned then rose again like a phoenix or kane
showed her my scars, no they wasnt the same
we got it up out the mud without a scratch or a stain

i need assistance
never hated fam, i just love em at a distance
hoping it was different might not make it on my wish list
only time im checking in is thanksgiving and christmas
and i aint trippin hard
even though its screwed up like we sippin barre
now i gotta get a new deck because im missin cards

we fall down but we get back up again
it takes a lot to lose and so much to win
Track Name: The Questions 2K16
where's the love and the justice for abuse victims?
and now these niggas taxin on the rain?
thats why my people bugging - bugging for some new systems
cause we done with being quiet bout the pain its the questions
its the questions boy, said its the questions

how long until the liberation of the black man?
our people need us like a patient needs a cat scan
i felt it deep when i seen them pigs snatch bland
but we think we conscious all because our diet lacks ham
yo where the stacks man? know them niggas lookin for you
ya fam tryna eat, why they never cook it for you?
whats the difference between god and allah?
we was raised without a choice, ya parents took it for you
why niggas cant except that women got it oddly hard?
like why they need a strap and a bodyguard?
they just tryna live nigga, give em back they body parts
now they show up with they squad so they dont leave the party scarred
we love these niggas playin ball
but where the real warriors? did we kill em off?
if you speak about ya feelings does it really make you soft?
and why we so impressed with shit that other niggas bought?

are you the shit, or are you just the feces?
when a heart is broken who picks up the pieces?
this for my future sons and daughters. nephews. nieces.
do niggas read the signs or glaze over the thesis?
aint nothin new my guy, just a remix
life is more than what you see. its like a deep dish
why niggas hard to reach when its time to work?
but then they hit you back the quickest when the steez switch

where's the love and the justice for abuse victims?
and now these niggas taxin on the rain?
thats why my people bugging - bugging for some new systems
cause we done with being quiet bout the pain its the questions
its the questions boy, said its the questions
Track Name: Fell In Love w the Queer Girl
i fell in love with the queer girl
she was the playa type, but so was i
dreamin of her under black moons
open. lil mama had me floating. she was more than fly
slower moving. dancing and grooving. but on the tortoise side
she aint create that long. but she was sorta fye
demolition man, but the walls she had was fortified
soon she had me in her grapple like the cobra kai

shoulda known better than to fuck with that
cause the only thing that she was tryna fuck was cat
and thats cool
right cause ima dog
and what you gon do when that wood becomes a log
wanted to be smooth but she saw through all the smog
i wanted to hit it too but she wouldnt be the bong

guess all i noticed in the end
is that all a nigga want from a lover is a friend
some shit that aint pretend
be the closest to a ten
and if she was hosting classes
boy you know i would attend my g, and thats word
gotta respect a ladies stance
right up until i got my feelings hurled
it shouldnt be such a weird world
where this young man could fall in love with the queer girl

i fell in love with the queer girl
and really love is such a strong word
we did some loving in the past, but not on her ass
excuse me i dont wanna use the wrong verb
we homies now, shit was always was
when i see her at the function, know shes always buzzed
couldnt say if it was love or was it always lust
if we connecting in the hallways she can always trust that

i got her back and she got mine - seen
we keep it irie tho she not my - ting
and i aint scared to make her hotline - bling
always down to learn no matter what life might bring
didnt wanna change her but attraction is real
and if you pay attention then the facts are revealed
even tho i want the action kept the mackin concealed
cause it probably isnt worth all of the hassle for real.
i fell in love
Track Name: Weatherman Theme
whattup baby its the weather man!
killing shit just like a veteran!
and i'll take yall back to school like a letterman
oppas comin knock kneed. wanna stop me but they never can
punching like im rocky. hoes salty. like pepper ann
niggas want that raw beef, that shock g. that reverend
cowards wanna off D. wanna bomb D like a terrorist
get up off my nuts, drink some coffee. check ya reference

no need to be nervous mami, gon and take it off
you aint on the clock but niggas know that you a boss
and if you get to shining bet they coming like a moth
cant no one resist the flame and the dripping of the sauce
but dont worry love

we just excited so uh
dont try to hide it and uh
they gon try to fight it but uh
yall got the right contender
i got some vibes to lend ya
god like a five percenter
i'll be your light defender
lets make this night remembered

why niggas acting extra? yall just tryna dance
tripping fishing for romance
wishing itching for a chance.
not really defensive, but im switching up the stance
aint with all that attention, i'll just get you to advance
or just watch you in them pants
wont even use my hands
there aint no need to violate. I'll just catch a glance
from the side. while we rolling up that fye with the fams
that soul up in ya body and its coming out ya glands

no you cannot hit the blunt
got all the love for you but dont try me like a chump
aint no tricking missy, no I aint the one to stunt
but if you got that p--k then we can match one if you want
no yall ladies savage but we aint the ones to hunt
might just be a dog but im smarter than a mutt
bad at giving fucks but im down to catch a nut
so come catch me in the cut
cause if we taking shots yall better duck

matter fact gon and break it down
Track Name: (This Ain't) Another Rap Song
this aint another rap song
my aura flaming like a glass bong
baby doll, ya frame is extra banging like glassjaw
lovin team rocket. jesse james until we blast off
lets take a trip to nassau
know they saw ya juice and tried to sip until the last straw
but baby evil comes in many shapes, skins.
maybe fam, foe, friend
all depends until the masks off

ya excellence it precedes you
its like whatever you do all ya girls be like "me too"
know you make it hot so i keep cool
the deep blue. mami you can ride up on my wave like a ski-do
i know im hard to read but my intentions are see-through.
im still learning
lets hit the beach, light an l, the fire still burning
keep my composure even if the tires squeal turning
heart been on that gap band love i got that real yearning

not really trippin, really im just a lover
never been one for the simping till you hear me say i love her and i do

this aint another rap track
but hater niggas ja-rule tryna clap back
or they deny, or try to snooze up in they napsack
diss a nigga old school. tellin homies that crack wack
i found myself at 21. im talkin black jack
but then my thinking turned dark. im talkin BLACK black
not like jack black. but black like matte black
on nails of the black gals on triggers of the mac straps

blacker than the dark of the night, right when the sun sets
blacker than the strings gettin tight across ya sons sweats
blacker than minds of many when they ask "what next?"
blacker than they faces once you see em when they run threats
blacker than souls and spirits who only hunt checks
black as black twitter. black as greg street and funk flex
blacker than bum necks
blacker than that "love you but we're done" text
blacker than that "love you but we're done" sex

not really racial, really its just nasty.
i hit her with that facial then i beat it till she was raspy. yeah i did

i never knew there was a love like this before
never had someone to show me love. a love like this before